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The board of directors of the apple CEO Steve jobs announced quit cook take over


苹果董事会宣布乔布斯辞去CEO 库克接任

Tim cook (left) and Steve jobs (right) (tencent technology pictures)


Tencent technology-(yue Tong) Beijing time August 25 news, according to foreign media reports, apple announced today that the board of directors of the company the iconic characters who will Steve jobs as CEO. At present jobs are under the troubled ailments, but, he still will serve as the apple board chairman. Apple also announced that the board of directors of the company's chief operating officer Tim cook will take over jobs, as apple's new chief executive.

In a letter to the board of directors of the apple, has been in poor health and since January this year has been a vacation jobs made such statement-" if one day I can no longer do, and unable to meet the company for me as the chief executive officer of look forward to, it will be able to tell you, unfortunately, the day has arrived."

In addition to these terms, not the jobs outside his reasons for this too much, though measures will no doubt cause outside the health of the question. According to a person familiar with the news says, what jobs in the apple is still active, but since the recent condition, what jobs has once again become a silicon valley executives talk about one of the topics. The problem is that in the past has been the focus of the industry.

Below is the board of apple chief executive Steve jobs quit the press statement:

The board of directors of the apple announced today, Steve jobs has resigned as apple chief executive duties, and at the same time, appointed by the board of apple chief operating officer Tim cook, will become the new chief executive. Steve jobs will have served as a company chairman of board of directors, cook will also joined the board of directors, the appointed immediate effect.

Representatives of the board chairman of Genentech's apple Harriet's levy (Art Levinson) said: "Steve jobs vision and leadership DuoCi saved the apple, and directs the apple for global growth is the most innovative and most valuable technology company. Jobs to the place of the success of the apple has made countless contributions, and he also attract and encouraged the apple a lot extremely creative employees and world-class executive team. Jobs in the board of directors of the company chairman as apple this new role during, will still use its unique vision, creativity and influence to service for apple."

Levy's also said: "the board of directors of the apple completely believe, Tim cook will be apple's next chief executive. Cook the best person to work in apple has reached 13 years, during which already has a outstanding performance, and outstanding talent show that all the problems and handle has the rational judgment."

Jobs to the board of directors today submitted resignation, and strongly suggest the board after the execution plan, the proposal for successor appointed Tim cook for apple's new chief executive.

The cook had served as chief operating officer, mainly responsible for company in during the global sales and operation business, including end-to-end management apple in all markets supply chain, and the state's sales activities, services and support, etc. In addition, the cook is also responsible for the apple Macintosh business departments, and the sustainable development strategy resellers and supplier relations have played important role, it also ensures that the apple to market demand growth this problem of flexibility.

Apple design Mac (global best PC) and OS X, iLife and iWork and professional version of the software. Apple iPod and iTunes music Store with a digital music and leader in the course of the revolution, apple has already with iPhone App Store and application Store, and in the mobile area achieved good results, recently launched iPad 2 tablet computer, the computer will decide mobile media and the future of computing devices.